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History of AIS Group is the history of success.

Foundation of the company, opening of the first cars sales showroom.
Formation of retailer and service enterprises network.
Official dealer of Audi.
Car assembly plant in Kremenchug city becomes the part of the group and starts trucks manufacturing.
The first agreements with banks on consumer crediting programs for cars purchase are signed.
The official importer for a number of Russian brands inclusive for GAZ, UAZ, PAZ etc.
ERP-system implementation is finished.
Importer contract for the Citroën brand. In the same year the company starts new business development – the sale of spare car parts and cars accessories, warehouses store distribution network of spare car parts is formed.
Construction and commissioning of cars re-equipment plant.
Conclusion of importer agreements of SsangYong and Geely brands.
Creation of own clients service call center.
Importer agreement of ChevroletNiva brand.
Active construction and commissioning of number of multi-brand 3S-format car centers.
Enlargement of brand portfolio, conclusion of importer contracts of MG, Chevrolet, Cadillac brands, conclusion of dealership contracts of Renault and Hyundai brands.
Conclusion of importer agreement with the Italian manufacturer of gas equipment Taratrini.
CRM -system implementation is finished.
Development of new business direction: “AIS Market” – sale of used cars.
Launch of the first national TRADE-IN program.

Values of the company

Clients. We provide our clients with the high level of service and the fullest range of services in the car market.
Personnel. Pillar of our team is highly professional experts with wide work experience in the car field. They are distinguished by the devotion to their work, ambitiousness, respect and understanding of the client.
Brand. Work philosophy of our company is reflected in its slogan – “With care to you, with love to cars!”.

Goals of the company:

To build the national sales and service network of car centers within the 3S (sales, spare car parts and service) concept.
To be the No. 1 company in the market according to the sales volume and the level of clients’ confidence. To reach and preserve the average level of clients’ satisfaction during the sale and servicing of cars at the level of 95% and above.
The enhance the AIS brand as car service centers and spare car parts distribution network for consumers, plants that manufacture cars and cars components, their representative offices, importers, as well as for the staff of the company.

Vasiliy Leonidovich Polyakov
People's Deputy of Ukraine
Honorary Chairman Supervisory Board
Ph.D. in Economics

New cars are sold in 39 car centers, 74 showrooms within all regions of Ukraine. Most of them work within the frame of 3S (sales, service and spare car parts). Each car center renders full range of services during car sale and maintenance. Majority of the brands are represented in original multi-brand car showrooms.

Spare car parts distribution center is designed for the storage and further distribution of spare car parts, additional equipment, accessories and expendable materials to the sales points.

It is the modern warehouse complex that operates powered by ERP-system AXAPTA with the area of ​​13000 square meters, which has 48000 stack compartments for goods placement. Accuracy of warehouse shipment equals to 99.8%. Nomenclature of the goods stored on the warehouse exceeds 50000 items. Active nomenclature amounts to 35000 items. 

The center is equipped with the wireless terminal and bar-coding system at all operational stages. This ensures the shipment efficiency of ordered goods.

Regional Warehouses

Regional car warehouses are located in Kharkiv city and in Kyiv city. There is customs-licensed warehouse in Kharkiv city. Geographical location of warehouses enables to optimize logistics, both according to the terms of delivery and expenditures. The storage capacities of warehouses make it possible to flexibly manage the peak season deliveries – up to 5000 cars per month.

Car company

Car and truck fleet of the company consists of 33 vehicles MERCEDES, IVECO, MAZ, KAMAZ, FAW.
Car company of AIS Group is the member of the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine.

   - International transportation (delivery of motor vehicles from abroad to Ukraine).
   - Logistics of cars, spare car parts delivery from distribution warehouse in Kyiv city to AIS service centers within Ukraine.
   - Transportation services to the third parties.

Car assembly plant

The plant was founded in 1995 in Kremenchug city. The enterprise got the powerful impulse in its development in 1999 when AIS group of companies became one of its shareholders. The new development strategy, progressive management approaches to the plant afforded the plant to increase output of products for the short period, significantly enlarge productive capacities and master the car assembly of famous brands. Since 2001 motor and commercial vehicles of Russian brands GAZ, UAZ, VAZ are rolling off the plant’s production line. In 2005 the manufacture of Korean off-road vehicles SsangYong was launched, 2007 – motor vehicle Geely. Currently the plant manufactures several models of SsangYong brand.

Through the request of Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine the manufacture of car model modification Geely CK-2 with manual control for the disabled persons was mastered.

The plant is able to manufacture up to 40000 cars per year.

Over a number of years the enterprise is included in rating of “TOP 100. Best taxpayers of Ukraine”.

Cars re-equipment plant.

The enterprise is specialized in re-equipment of trucks and commercial vehicles into the special purpose vehicles: ambulances, tow trucks, dump trucks, thermal, isothermal vehicles, vehicles for industrial commodities transportation, vehicles for bread transportation, dumping trucks, vehicles with extended wheelbase. The plant is located in Kremenchug city.

As of today this enterprise has complete production cycle of special equipment and erections on the frames of different car brands.

Plant’s productive capacities make it possible to re-equip up to 4000 trucks and commercial vehicles per year.

Achievements of the company are marked with numerous awards:

2004 Winner of the second All-Ukrainian competition “The best enterprises in the governmental procurement market”. Award of Rusavtogaz trading house “The best dealer”.

Confirmation of ISO 9001:2001 certificate by the State Center for Standardization and Metrology of KrASZ LLC.

2005 Award of Rusavtogaz trading house “For the partnership relations stability”.

2006 Winner in the category “Sales Leader” from Gorky Automobile Plant.

2007 Awards of GEELY GroupCorporation “The best distributor”, “The service maintenance”.

2008 Awards of GEELY GroupCorporation “The best distributor”. Award GAZ group LLC for the “The best brand promotion”.

2009 Awards of GEELY GroupCorporation “For best procurements”, “Best car center’s sells”, “Best sales manager”. Plant’s award for the re-equipment – winner of the All-Ukrainian quality competition “100 best goods of Ukraine”.

2010 Awards of GEELY GroupCorporation “The best distributor”, “The best sales manager”, “The best car showroom director”. The winner of the national “Car rating” “Bestseller – off-road vehicle» SsangYongKyron (based on data on model sales level in Ukraine for the year). Award “The best XRM project of the year 2010 in the car field powered by MicrosoftDynamics CRM”.

2011 Awards of GEELY GroupCorporation “The best distributor”, “The best brand promotion”.

2012 Awards of GEELY GroupCorporation “The best distributor”, “The best brand promotion”. Top 5 world distributors of SsangYong. Award of RENAULT Ukraine “For the best RENAULT cars sales dynamics”. Awards “The absolute Citroen sales leader”, “Competition winner of the Citroen service leader” of Citroen Ukraine. Winner of the “Car of the year” competition in the category “Dual-purpose vehicle” SsangYong ActyonSports.

The core business of the AIS Group – cars sale and service maintenance service. AIS group of companies has already implemented the concept of clients service at all stages of car owning:

1. The direct purchase of new or used car.

2. Car service maintenance during its use.

3. Complex of services, which accompanies the car purchase and maintenance:  

– car purchase on credit, on lease, via trade-in service;  

– insurance services;  

– sale and installation of car accessories and additional equipment;  

– sale of spare car parts;  

– rendering of assistant services

– technical and consulting assistance upon the road.

4. Purchase of used cars.

As can be seen from the above, the company can meet all the needs and demands of every car owner.

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