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New cars are sold in 37 car centers, 55 showrooms within all regions of Ukraine. Most of them work within the frame of 3S (sales, service and spare car parts). Each car center renders full range of services during car sale and maintenance. Majority of the brands are represented in original multi-brand car showrooms.

The company offers more than 400 car models of 17 brands, provides a full range of related services in cars sales and service.

AIS Market isthe enterprise, which specializes in the sale and purchase of used cars. It carries out activity of purchase and sale of cars within the territory of Ukraine, renders services to natural persons and legal entities.

It also offers the opportunity both to sell quickly and comfortably available car and to buy used car, as well as to be sure in its technical serviceability and “legal purity” and to get full range of related services.

The enterprise purchases and sells cars of all brands and all countries of origin.

Clients can draw up an application for the sale or to choose the used car by means web site www.ais-market.ua.

Service maintenance of all brands, which are sold by the company, is performed at 36 car service stations located within all regions of Ukraine.

They represent modern multi-operator stations, designed to provide a complete list of warranty, post-warranty service and repair. All car service stations are equipped with the new high-tech equipment and tools of outstanding global manufacturers.

Each car service station and its staff undergo certification and participate in training programs of manufacturing plants in regular manner.

AIS Group offers its clients a large variety of innovative car service station services: day-and-night acceptance, credit payment for the services, extended warranty, car rental, registering to the car service station via the Internet etc.

Spare car parts distribution center

Spare car parts distribution center is designed for the storage and further distribution of spare car parts, additional equipment, accessories and expendable materials to the sales points.
It is the modern warehouse complex that operates powered by ERP-system AXAPTA with the area of 13000 square meters, which has 48000 stack compartments for goods placement. Accuracy of warehouse shipment equals to 99.8%. Nomenclature of the goods stored on the warehouse exceeds 50000 items. Active nomenclature amounts to 35000 items.

The center is equipped with the wireless terminal and bar-coding system at all operational stages. This ensures the shipment efficiency of ordered goods.

AIS Finance is the program of retail lending of car purchase on credit or on lease.

AIS Group cooperates with more than 20 banks and leasing companies. The number of credit or leasing programs is more than 50.

Car purchase on credit or on lease is available for both natural persons and legal entities.

There is manager on financial products in in every major car center for the sake of clients' convenience. This manager is responsible for consultation and sale of financial services.

The company has its own credit exchange. This is the electronic system of preparation, processing and scoring of client’s applications to receive funding. Client should only leave the application for credit facilities in the cars showroom. Application will be automatically sent to several banks. The client will be offered all the possible financing options for car purchase according to the application processing results.

Trade-in is an exchange of a used car for a new one for a fee. Having chosen your favorite car at any of the Car Centre Group of AIS Group in Ukraine, you provide your used car for an assessment (technical condition of the vehicle to be diagnosed and its price to be determined) and a further purchase. The redemption price of the used car will be calculated out the price of a new car when buying a new one.

AIS Group extensively represents car accessories and additional equipment on the market. The range of products and services includes both low-budget and premium offers as follows:
   - Car acoustics of leading world brands – JVC, Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer. A car can be equipped with modern multimedia systems powered by Android.
   - Car alarm systems and dashboard cameras – Enigma, Sempai, Sheriff, Convoy, Sher-Khan, StarLine.
   - Undercover, carpets, protecting cover, tools, compressors and a number of other model and universal accessories and equipment.
   - Anticorrosion treatment.
   - All AIS’s car service stations render service on installation of any equipment.

With due regard for the tendency of the continuous price increase for the light petroleum products, the company is actively developing the direction of gas equipment installation on cars, which significantly enables to save money while using the car.

In order to offer the best equipment at the best price to the clients, the company has signed the exclusive importer contract with the Italian company Tartarini, the leading gas equipment manufacturer. Tartarini is goods supplier for such brands as Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Rover etc.

All AIS’s car service stations have state permissions for the installation and maintenance of gas equipment. Qualified experts are trained for its installation and maintenance. Work quality of the installation and maintenance stations is controlled by Tartarini company by providing anannual audit.

The company's clients become the members of the AIS Car Loyalty program, which provides them with a set of additional benefits and free services.

A participant of the AIS Car Loyalty program can get a discount for:

- The purchase of each additional vehicle of any brand in AIS Group Car center if they buy the first in our network;
- The purchase of services in each service station of AIS Group;
- The purchase of spare parts in each service station of AIS Group;
- The purchase of insurance policies in the Ukrainian insurance company “Insurance Standard”, representatives of which can be found in the Civil Code AIS Car Centers.

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