15  july 2014

AIS Group supports Odessa International Film Festival!

AIS Group regularly supports social and cultural projects in Ukraine. This year, the company decided to support the 5th Odessa International Film Festival. AIS Group become a transport partner of this truly interesting and large-scale event, which can be called one of the most exciting events in the cultural life of Ukraine. 
The latest movies of art-mainstream direction in the program of the Festival accessible to a wide audience and have an undoubted artistic quality. Presented stories are close both for supporters of traditional cinematic language and for conceptual delights connoisseurs. 

12 full-length films will fight for the top award of the 5th Odessa International Film Festival - "Golden Duke" - and other prizes. Among them are the prizewinners of Berlin, Cannes and other film festivals. 13 short films and 7 feature films will be presented in the program of the national contest of the festival. Two Ukrainian film will take part simultaneously in national and international contests of OIFF 2014. Two international and one world premiere will be in OIFF.

The festival will also host a series of master classes from the masters of the world film industry and creative meetings with celebrities. This will allow professional and amateur movies to get a useful practical knowledge, as well as an unforgettable experience of live informal communication with their favorite movies heroes. Add to that a series of interesting events in the open air and you get an amazing and wonderful holiday. Odessa International Film Festival  is a true celebration of the soul!

Becoming a transport partner Film Festival AIS Group took care of the operation of vehicles of festival participants. After all, everything should be spotless in the event of such a level! Recall that the AIS Group is one of the leaders in the automotive market with a share of over 15%.

AIS Group support cultural events and is ready for further invest efforts in the development of contemporary art and culture.

Details of the AIS Group on the website:, as well as telephone information line of the Group companies AIS Group: 0-800-500-205 (free from all fixed lines in Ukraine).

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