24  july 2014

The internship program of AIS and KhNAHU achieved the national level!

The successful development of the automotive industry needs professionals. AIS Group has been assuming for a long time the mission of support student automotive specialties, because it is the only way to ensure the growth of the Ukrainian automotive industry in the future. That is why the "AIS» Kharkiv National Automobile, and Highway University (KhNAHU) expand the cooperation and goes with the internship program at a national scale! Now you can do an internship not only in Kharkiv, but also in any city where there is a station of the AIS Group

Recognizing the importance of supporting young talents in automotive industry, the AIS Group cooperates with the Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University for many years. AIS and KhNAHU conducted manufacturing practices for the fourth time at the facilities of the AIS Group in Kharkiv. This training gives a chance to smart, talented and promising students to take the first step to a successful career. After all, students receive the necessary experience, and the company gets an opportunity to recruit new staff.

If previously the geography of the internship program was limited to Kharkiv, now students can choose the city where they want to do an internship. The only condition is that it must be in the service center of the AIS Group. Cvconsidering that the service network consists of 34 stations located in all the main cities of Ukraine, the field for selection is huge! Taking into account that the people from all over Ukraine study at KhNAHU, the proposal found a broad responce in the student circle, because now the students got the opportunity to do an internship domiciliary. Moreover, after graduation they may return to their cities, where the work for the AIS Group, the leader of the Ukrainian car market, may already be waiting for them. After all, the company is willing to hire young professionals who will show good results during the program.

First internship at the national level will begins in August. According to preliminary data, we can say that students expressed a desire to go on an internship in Zaporizhzhia, Sumy, Mykolaiv et al.

We have to note that the students who passed the practice speak of it as of a very useful activity. After all, they are introduced do not in theory, but in practice to modern process of service, and some moments in the work differ from the theoretical information they received during training at the University.

Details of the AIS Group are on the website:, as well as telephone information line of the AIS Group: 0-800-500-205 (free from all fixed lines in Ukraine).

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